Closed-loop insulin delivery systems are expected to become a standard treatment for patients with type 1
diabetes. We aimed to assess whether the Diabeloop Generation 1 (DBLG1) hybrid closed-loop artificial pancreas
system improved glucose control compared with sensor-assisted pump therapy.

Mai 2019 · Lancet Digital Health

Pierre-Yves Benhamou, Sylvia Franc, Yves Reznik, Charles Thivolet, Pauline Schaepelynck, Eric Renard, Bruno Guerci, Lucy Chaillous, Celine Lukas-Croisier, Nathalie Jeandidier, Helene Hanaire, Sophie Borot, Maeva Doron, Pierre Jallon, Ilham Xhaard, Vincent Melki, Laurent Meyer, Brigitte Delemer, Marie Guillouche, Laurene Schoumacker-Ley, Anne Farret, Denis Raccah, Sandrine Lablanche, Michael Joubert, Alfred Penfornis, Guillaume Charpentier, on behalf of the DIABELOOP WP7 Trial Investigators*