There is room for improvement in the algorithms used in closed-loop insulin therapy during the prandial period. This pilot study evaluated the efficacy and safety of the Diabeloop algorithm (model predictive control type) during the postprandial period. This 2-center clinical trial compared interstitial glucose levels over two 5-hour periods (with/without the algorithm) following a calibrated lunch.
Nov 2014 – J Diabetes Sci Technol.
Marie Aude Quemerais, MD,1 Maeva Doron, PhD,2,3 Florent Dutrech, PhD,2,3 Vincent Melki, MD,4 Sylvia Franc, MD,5,6Michel Antonakios, PhD,2,3 Guillaume Charpentier, MD,5,6 Helene Hanaire, MD, PhD,4 Pierre Yves Benhamou, MD, PhD,corresponding author1 and on behalf of the Diabeloop Consortium*
Statistical analysis was performed by Didier Not .